Special Application Wheels, Axle's & Axle Collars, Wheelie Bin & Waste Bin Wheels

Wheelie bin & waste bin wheels from Ross Handling, UK supplier at great prices. We can also supply beam & keyway wheels from stock for next day delivery. Telephone or email us today for delivery tomorrow!

Special application bin wheels, wheelie bin castors, refuse bin wheels, steel wheels, agricultural wheels, beam wheels, keyway wheels, double or single flanged wheels and anti-static or electrically conductive wheels. Replacement 8" wheelie bin wheels with black rubber tyres & grey plastic centres with internal spring clips.

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Ross Promise
Steel Flat Tread Wheels Heavy Duty Antistatic Wheels Keyway Polyurethane Wheels

Steel Flat Tread

Heavy Duty Antistatic

Keyway Polyurethane

Wheelie Bin Wheels Wheelie Bin Wheels Double Flanged Wheels

Wheelie Bin Wheels

Wheelie Bin Wheels

Double Flanged




VG Series wheel

VG Series

Nylon V-Grooved wheels with ball bearings ideal for use on pulleys or as a track guide wheel on light duty applications.


Wheel Diam. Tread Width Hub Length Hub Bore Load Capacity Groove Width Ref.
50mm 13mm 5mm 10mm 50Kg 4mm 50-NYVG
78mm 19mm 5mm 10mm 138Kg 8mm 78-NYVG
98mm 20mm 20mm 10mm 150Kg 6mm 98-NYVG


Wheel Axles


Mild Steel Tubing axles ideal for our range of wheels.


Tube Diam. Gauge Length
20mm 1.5 Cut to length upto 6.1m
25.4mm 1.5 Cut to length upto 6.1m


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Axle Collar

Axle Collars

Cast Iron Axle Collars can be used for easily securing wheels to anything with a flat base best utilized in conjnction with our axle and starlock fastner range.


Axle Diam. Plate Size Bolt spacing Bolt Diam. Height to Avle Centre Overall Height Ref.
12mm 80mm x 34mm 52mm 12mm 14mm 50mm 12mm AXLE COLLAR
20mm 80mm x 34mm 52mm 12mm 14mm 50mm 20mm AXLE COLLAR
25.4mm 92mm x 40mm 64mm 12mm 22mm 62mm 1" AXLE COLLAR


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