Heavy Duty Industrial Adjustment Handwheels, Star Knobs & Drilled Through Open Ended Handwheels

Heavy duty round phenolic industrial adjustment handwheels available from 32 to 80mm diameter and M6 to M16 threads. Male or Female thread hand knobs available from stock. Open ended handwheels (drilled through) also available. Star knobs also available in different materials and sizes. Large stocks of adjustment handwheels available off the shelf.

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Heavy Duty Handwheels


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Round (Female)

Diameter Thread Size Reference
32mm M.6 402 x M6
40mm M.8 403 x M8
50mm M.10 404 x M10
63mm M.12 405 x M12
80mm M.16 406 x M16


Round (Male)

Diameter Thread Size and Length Reference
32mm M.6 x 30mm 409 x M6 x 30
40mm M.8 x 30mm 410 x M8 x 30
50mm M.10 x 30mm 411 x M10 x 30
63mm M.12 x 40mm 412 x M12 x 40


Open Ended (Drilled Through)

Diameter Thread Size Reference
20mm M.4 412B x M.4
*25mm M.5 413B x M.5
30mm M.6 414B x M.6
40mm M.8 415B x M.8
50mm M.10 416B x M.10
60mm M.12 417B x M.12
80mm M.16 418B x M.16

* Changing to 20mm



Black nylon handwheels with threaded brass inserts.

Triangular (Female)

Diameter Thread Size Reference
*50mm M.6 8147-213
*62mm M.8 8147-214

* To be discontinued.


Triangular (Male)

Diameter Thread Size and Length Reference
*32mm M.6 x 15mm 8147-221
*50mm M.8 x 20mm 8147-223
*62mm M.10 x 25mm 8147-224

* To be discontinued.



Heavy duty range of handwheels. Moulded in black phenolic
resin with male and female zinc plated steel threads. Alternative
shapes and sizes to special order. Details on request.



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