Thumb Screws, Plastic Handwheels, Handgrips, Plastic Hand Knobs, Wing Nuts & Ball Knobs

Ross Handling is a leading supplier of premium Handwheels, Plastic Ball Knobs, T-Grips, Wing Nuts & Handgrips. We are also able to supply Plastic Hand Knobs, Rubber Grips and Natural Rubber Handgrips. If you need Thumb Screws, a Plastic Handknob or Plastic Handwheel, Ross Handling has the stock to supply your needs.

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Handwheels & Thumb Screws  

Handwheels & Thumb Screws

A range of plastic hand knobs and phenolic resin handknobs in either male or female fitting. Plastic handknobs & plastic premium handwheel also available. Diameter:15mm to 80mm
Thread: M4 to M16. Stem length: 15mm to 40mm
Colour: Black


T-Grips, Ball Knobs & Wing Nuts

Our extensive range of ball knobs,
thumbscrews, wing nuts, plastic knobs & t-grips are available in the following sizes:
Diameter: 20mm to 50mm. Thread: M4 to M12
Male or Female fitting. Colour Black
T-Grips & Ball Knobs

  hand grips and ball knobs in black plastic, stainless steel stems
handgrips and moulded plastic or rubber grips in black white or red, from UK suppliers Ross Handling  


Rubber hand grips & plastic handgrips are available in a range of sizes:
Diameter: 1/2" to 1.1/4"
Length 75mm to 139mm
Material: Plastic or natural rubber grips. Colour: Black


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