Natural Rubber Handgrips, Plastic & PVC Dip Moulded Handgrips

PVC & plastic handgrips available to fit tube sizes ½” to 1”. Heavy duty hand grips available up to 1.1/4” diameter. Pliable thermoplastic rubber grips available in ¾”, 7/8” and 1” sizes. 1” natural rubber handgrips & handlegrips, pvc handgrips, plastic grips and dip moulded grips also available from stock.

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Ross Promise

Rubber Handgrips & Plastic Handgrips


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Economy (Plastic)

Type Internal Size Length Colour Reference
E 1/2" 109mm Black 9348
D 5/8" 75mm White 1622
A 3/4" 75mm Black 8536
D 3/4" 75mm Black 1623
F 3/4" 110mm Black 8818
A 7/8" 75mm Black 8537
C 7/8" 110mm Black 8626
C 1" 110mm Black 8625



Light duty range of plastic handgrips. Suitable for use on toys,
hand tools and bicycle handle-bars, etc.


Thermoplastic Rubber

Type Internal Size Length Colour Reference
B 3/4" 105mm Black 8783
B 7/8" 105mm Black 8669
B 1" 105mm Black 8731



Heavy duty handgrips with a circular pattern.

Thermoplastic Rubber

Heavy Duty (Plastic)

Type Internal Size Length Colour Reference
G 3/4" 4" Black PP6/425/1
G 7/8" 4" Black PP7/425
G 1" 5" Black PP8/5/1
G 1.1/4" 5.1/2" Black PP10/55



Popular range of PVC dip moulded handgrips. The finish is
smooth high gloss. Alternative colours available to special order.
Details on request.


Natural Rubber

Type Internal Size Length Colour Reference
K 1" 4.1/2" Black 1" RUBBER/1



Black rubber handgrips. Also available in red to special order.


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