Gate & Low Level Castors, Stillage Feet, Pallet Feet, Appliance Castors & Industrial Skates

Pallet feet, gate & low level castors, appliance castors and scenery castors from Ross Handling, UK supplier at great prices. We can also offer from stock, stillage feet & industrial skates for next day delivery. Telephone or email us today for delivery tomorrow!

Sprung gate castors and appliance rollers are available in light or heavy duty versions. Fixed or swivel wheels are available on the light duty version. The heavy duty version has a maximum compression of 70kg. Scene shifter or scenery skates and industrial skates are available in 35mm to 125mm wheel diameters. Twin wheel low level castors suitable for concert grand piano-fortes, fireproof filing cabinets, safes and other heavy equipment. Available with 3 wheel types. Maximum load rating 270kg per castor. We can also offer a range of pallet feet and Stillage Feet with our low level castors.

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Gate Castors

Heavy duty 4" fixed castor is designed to help support a gate where either end of a gate needs support and/or there is some variation in level of ground (3” maximum compression of spring with 70kg force). Consideration therefore needs to be given as to the location of this castor on the gate. Fixing via 2 x 10mm holes. Fitted with rubber tyred, roller bearing wheels.

gate castor diagram




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heavy duty gate castors

         Heavy Duty

light duty gate castors

Light Duty

The light duty swivel version is 280mm overall height with a 100mm fixing plate and 60mm centres. Fitted with 4" rubber tyred wheels having a load capacity of 60kg.





Scene shifters - industrial skates

Scene Shifter - Industrial Skates

Range of scene shifters, scenery skates and industrial skates for low level movement. Available from 35mm to 125mm wheel diameters. Ideal for moving scenery. Load capacity 300Kg to 460Kg.

Wheel Diam. Tread Width Load Capacity Plate/Bolt Hole Dimensions Castor Height Wheel Type Castor Ref
Plate  Bolt Centres
35mm 28mm 300Kg 85mm x 85mm 55mm x 55mm 85mm Polyurethane MINISS
50mm 14mm 360Kg 150mm x 110mm 105mm x 80mm 98mm Polyurethane MINISS-50mm
4" /100mm 40mm 460Kg 150mm x 110mm 105mm x 80mm 162mm Polyurethane BS4-100-PT04/X
5"/125mm 40mm 460Kg 150mm x 110mm 105mm x 80mm 184mm Polyurethane BS4-125-PT04/X


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fridge rollers and wheels

Appliance Rollers

Easily move refrigerators, and other heavy domestic appliances and office equipment.
Not recommended for cushioned vinyl floors and hardwood floors.
420mm x 80mm extendable to 640mm.
Overall height: 38mm
Load capacity: 200kg (Per pair)


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Twin Low Level Castors
Twin low level castors

50mm Twin Low Level Castors

Twin wheel castors are only 64mm overall height with twin 50mm wheels. On a smooth hard floor these castors are able to carry up to 270kg per castor. Suitable for use on concert grand piano-fortes, fire proof filing cabinets, safes and other such heavy equipment.
Available with twin steel, polyurethane or nylon wheels.

Wheel Diam. Overall Height Swivel Radius Tread Width Load Capacity Wheel Type Castor Ref.
64mm 50mm 14mm 160kg
Twin Polyurethane
Twin Steel
Twin Nylon

2SL 050 PTOL
2SL 050 STOL
2SL 050 NYOL


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Pallet Feet & Stillage Feet

Pallet Feet & Stillage Feet

Pallet feet are designed for fitting to Pallet legs of box or angle type.
Supplied ready for welding.

Pallet SWG REF
A B C Leg Type Size (mm)
127 x 127 54 56 Box/Angle 50 13 KPF1A
165 X 165 54 76 Box/Angle 60/70 10 KPF2


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