Furniture Castors, Shepherd Castors, Ball Transfer Units, Bed Castors & Sofa Castors

Furniture castors, bed & sofa castors from Ross Handling, UK supplier at great prices. We can also supply ball transfer units & shepherd castors from stock for next day delivery. Telephone or email us today for delivery tomorrow!


These are available with small black plastic wheel, coloured or traditional shepherd furniture castor all supplied with various fittings. Shepherd castors are stocked in a standard Beige colour but are available to special order in Dark Brown and Bright Nickel. Ball transfer units also available. Large footstool castors & castors on chairs are also available from stock. See our settee wheels, castors for furniture, peg and socket castors shepherd casters & bed castor.

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FF Series Furniture Cators  

FF Series

Light duty swivel castors suitable for use on point of sale and display equipment. Can be supplied with metal sockets for wood fitting and round or square plastic sockets for metal tubing. Large castors on chairs & footstool castors are also available.


Type Wheel Diam. Wheels Fittings Overall Height Capacity Reference
FF 41mm Black Plastic Wood Socket 52mm 50kg FFK-41
FF 41mm Black Plastic Round Plastic Sockets for 5/8" 3/4" 1" Tubing
Square Plastic Sockets for 3/4/" 1" Tubing


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BALL TRANSFERS - Funiture Castors  


Shepherd Metal ball castors with and without rubber tyres. Available in 50mm and 63mm diameters. The 50mm is suitable for furniture, medium duty office equipment, small trolleys etc. The 63mm is a heavy duty version suitable for display racking, merchandisers, materials handling equipment etc. Large footstool castors & castors on chairs are also available from stock.

Range of Fittings available Castor Reference
Wheel Diam. Threaded Stems Peg & Socket Top Plates Load Capc. Peg & Socket Top Plates Threaded Stems
50mm M8x15mm 9.5 38 x 38
(25.4 x 25.4)
50kg No. 46 No. 41 No. 44
63mm M10x15mm - 38 x 38
(25.4 x 25.4)
75kg - No. 51 No. 54


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50mm diameters available in Beige, Dark Brown or Bright Nickel. The 63mm is available in Beige only. Please specify your colour preference when ordering.

OVERALL HEIGHTS: 50mm Castors 63mm to 82mm
  63mm Castors 75mm to 90mm
BALL TRANSFERS - Funiture Castors


Ball transfer units consist of a large ball seated in a quantity of small bearings in a hemispherical cup. The design allows the ball to rotate freely in any direction. Available in ¾” and 1” diameters.


No. 1000
3/4" & 1" diameter
No. 1007
1" diameter
No. 1009
3/4" & 1" diameter
No. 1000 No. 1007 No. 1009

Flange fitting where height is restricted. Used for conveyor and transfer tables etc. Self cleaning hole standard. Method of attachment - self tapping screws, pop rivets, nuts and bolts.

Used for conveyor, transfer tables etc. Ball upwards only. Self cleaning hole standard.

Bolt fixing M8 thread.
Stock lengths 25mm.


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LOAD CAPACITY   Diagrams are shown with 1" balls
   UPWARDS: 3/4" = 23kg 1" = 55kg  
   DOWNWARDS: 3/4" = 10kg 1" = 25kg  


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